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“Nice eye shadow...”

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Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX (PS)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D RPG
Release Date: 07/JUL/00
Emblem for Genome

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Ffffff...you're making me want to play FFIX again. Stop that.
I shall not!
Fine! >:\

*runs off to find copy of FFIX*
I almost never use Steiner until around disc 3...
Steiner and Zidane made me hate FFIX for years. I like It now since I can appreciate the battle system, but the dialogue from the both of them and several other characters makes me usually skip through the text.
I prefer Eiko, since I spend the time leveling up Marcus.
Zidane was annoying at times, but I really just ignored his ramblings and concentrated on the other characters.
Buzz Lightmage?
I thought this guy was like a really big ugly chick for the longest time, kinda like Rosie O'Donnel. Turns out its man
@bettadud Haha, he does look like Rosie O'Donnel there.
I agree with Svoboda. That shot does sort of make Steiner look like Buzz.

To Burmecia and beyond!
@LordXenophon & @Svoboda No way. Buzz doesn't wear eye shadow.
@MonkeyConQueso Personally, I think every character in FFIX ranges from tollerable to just plain annoying.
@Fallout2Forever Maybe I honestly haven't played it for so long I've forgotten.

And I can't find my copy. I hope it didn't fall prey to my many moves over the past 4 years.
@timyadeadhomie OK, he looks like Buzz Lightyear wearing Steiner's armor, Vivi's hat and eyeshadow.
@LordXenophon Deal
That's not eyeshadow, it's eyeliner. Get it right...
Sorry, I don't know too much about makeup since I've never worn it.
Yeah, me either. In fact maybe I'm wrong! Ahem >.> <.<
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