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New PoP game and question about the movie.

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timyadeadhomie said...
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Firstly I wanted to inform everyone of the new Prince of Persia game, claiming to be truer to the Sands of Time trilogy. http://gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2010/03/08/prince-of-persia-the-forgotten-sands-in-action.aspx

Secondly, this is where the nudges come in, I wanted everyone's opinions on the PoP movie.
(HD Trialer) I find myself unable to decide on what I think about it.
Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Trilogy

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Trilogy (PC)

Genre/Style: Compilation/Action
Release Date: 13/JAN/09
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hmm. I get a sort of Scorpion King vibe from it. Lot f heavy hitters as far as actors go. Decent looking Special Effects.

This one might not disappoint as far as VG to movies ratio go.
The game is gonna take place between Sands of Time, and Warrior Within.

It's supposed to explain how the Prince changed so much into between the two games.

I could care less about the movie, it'll probably be crap.
I'm one of those weird people who seem to like most VG movies, although The Legend of Chun-Li was utter garbage. I am curious why so many people hated the latest PoP game though, especially since I was thinking about getting it.
@timyadeadhomie The last POP game is pretty awesome.

You can't die in the game though, maybe that's why people don't like it, I thought it was a lot of fun.
@timyadeadhomie I thought the Silent Hill movie was decent, probably the best VG movie so far.
I really liked the Silent Hill movie but, call me a fanboy if you will, I LOVED Advent Children.
@timyadeadhomie I'm not sure I count that myself, since it didn't come out in theaters.
I liked DOOM but everyone else thought it was crap :(
Advent children was OK, The Resident Evil movies were OK, Max Payne was garbage, But the Hit Man movie was better than I thought it would be. Never seen the Legend of Chun-Li yet.

Wonder if it has a naked shower scene like the anime did.......
@EarthboundX Then in that case, I would say Silent Hill was the best. @bettadud DOOM was bad ass. @wastelander75 No naked Chun-Li, but let me put it this way; they have Kristen Kruek(sp?) from smallville playing Chun-Li. As a stand alone movie it was good, but it was horrendous if you had actually played the damn games.
@wastelander75 I actually thought the Max Payne movie was pretty good. Hitman was amazing though.
@timyadeadhomie d'oh.

I think at this point games are starting to come around insofar as movie/VG tie-ins go.

3 examples of which can be

X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Both game and movie were good.
Batman: Arkham Asylum. Friggin' awesome.
Avatar game. Actually pretty good. Played a little at a friend's place.

I'm just curious why it's still taking them so long to get Peter Jackson's treatment of the Halo movie up and running.
@wastelander75 I heard he dropped out of the movie, but that was a rumor from years ago. Also, don't even get me started on Avatar...
Arkham asylum had nothing to do with Dark Knight(still a good game though), The movie District 9 is what came from the money that was supposed to make Halo.
@Gone360 I thought Jackson didn't direct it. Did he produce on the project?
@rawkr Yep
The movie looks like it'll be a CG-fest that alot of recent movies have been becoming... which I like, so no complaints from me. I never did play Warrior Within (though I did play sands of time), so this new game will be a nice lead-in to that.
@SnowWolf75 I'm playing through the SoT trilogy now, I'm almost done with the first game.
Good to know.
Hmmmm, I didn't know a new game was coming out, but I have already seen the trailer for the movie. It actually looks good, but I was wondering... if he dies in the movie can time still be reversed?
is the new game, or the movie about the story between SoT & WW?
@Gone360 The game is between, I have no idea what the movie is about, but I assume SoT.
I actually think it looks rather good. Call me a sucker for a good action trailer, I suppose.
It may be fun to take clips of the movie when it comes out and do something similar to what I did with the game..
Fall of a cliff, zip back up, fall, up, fall, up... Tekeke. Till one runs out of sand. I got far too much entertainment out of it.
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